Copenhagen Malmö Port

Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) is the largest port operator in the Öresund region, one of the most expansive markets in the Nordic region, with about 4 million consumers. Each year the company offers efficient transport and logistics services to nearly 8,000 ships.

  • CMP is a full-service port. In both Copenhagen and Malmö the company receive all kinds of goods and offer berths and specially-tailored infrastructure to all types of vessel. CMP handle everything from consumer goods, oil products, chemicals and grain to scrap metal, building materials, wood pellets and input goods for industry. The company also handles significant passenger traffic between different destinations in Northern Europe.
  • Today, Copenhagen is the largest and most popular cruise destination in the region, receiving 840,000 passengers in 2013. In Malmö CMP has established Scandinavia’s biggest hub for car transports to the Nordic and Baltic States and Russia.