Baltic hub

Thanks to their strategic location in the Öresund region, CMP’s facilities function as a hub for the whole Baltic Sea region, its roughly 100 million consumers and its hundreds of thousands of businesses. The company already functions as a logistics hub for Toyota and the Spanish steelmaker Acerinox, for whom Malmö is the reloading point for cargo destined for the Baltics, Russia and other parts of Northern Europe.

  • Continued globalisation is expected to encourage more companies to establish logistics hubs in Northern Europe, which will create opportunities for CMP. Another growth area is freight transported to and from destinations across the Baltic Sea region. On this East-West route transit oil is currently transported via CMP, but the market is evolving continually, creating opportunities for new volumes and new types of freight.
  • Current developments in transports and infrastructure in Northern Europe favour the region. Future investment in a road link (tunnel) between Germany and Denmark and high-speed trains are examples of this. Thanks to its geographic location, CMP is well placed to benefit from the commercial opportunities this will create.
  • The European Union has designated CMPs’ facilities in Copenhagen and Malmö as so-called Core Ports. The ports’ geographical location and modern infrastructure give them extra importance for the investments being made for the future in order to improve the transport network in Europe.