Malmö - a city to live and work in

Malmö is the home of over 300,000 people with roots in over 174 countries, speaking 150 different languages. Sweden’s third largest city has undergone tremendous change over the past 20 years, especially in the business sector. Large industries have given way to small and medium-sized enterprises in a wide range of fields.

A university was established in 1998 which grew explosively in the first year. Today, Malmö University is the nation’s eighth largest university with 25,000 students. The population is not the only thing growing in Malmö, the city is too. New neighborhoods are emerging and new residential construction is popping up all over the city.

Malmö’s greatest benefits

  • Access to expanding consumer markets
  • Internationally advantageous cost levels
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Easy access to workforce
  • Copenhagen Malmö Port – harbour and logistics park
  • Copenhagen Airport and Malmö Airport less than 30 minutes away
  • Universities and research centres
  • An appealing living environment – diverse cultural life with a wide range of leisure activities

The Malmö Trade and Industry Agency is the City of Malmö department that provides free help and advice to companies looking to establish, expand or relocate their businesses in the Malmö area. The agency offers services including introductions, information, marketing, research, analysis and networking