Malmö is the economic centre of Southern Sweden, the region of Skåne and offers access to 3.7 million consumers. It is not just a place for world class business and investment, but also a modern and vibrant European city that has retained its small town charm and friendliness.

  • In addition, Malmö is very much an international city with more than 300 000 inhabitants who speak over 150 languages and represent 174 different nationalities. Malmö’s main business types are private services, retail and wholesale operations, logistics, manufacturing and construction, but there are also a number of renowned biotechnology and medicine, IT and digital media companies.
  • With 8.7 percent of Nordic headquarters, Skåne has more than Oslo (4.1 %) and Helsinki (1.5 %). Greater Malmö/Skåne’s power is dependent on Skåne being part of the wider Swedish market and its proximity to Copenhagen airport. Skåne is particularly strong in the fields of healthcare and medical technology. For capital goods, its share is 18%. For consumer durables and food, drinks and technology, its share is above 10%.
  • Companies in different industry sectors have already chosen Malmö to strengthen competitive advantage through centralised logistics. Cost savings and improved customer service levels are among the gains that await you should you choose Sweden for your logistics hub.
  • Nearby Lund will see the construction of the European Spallation Source, ESS, which will be a state of the art super-microscope generating new science and innovations for a sustainable society. SEK 15 billion has been invested in the project, and the facility is expected to be ready for operation in 2019-2020. ESS is expected to be one of the world’s twenty largest research facilities. Another important research facility in Lund is currently underway is MAX IV, to be used for synchrotron radiation research. The investment is estimated at around SEK 2.6 billion.