By air, road, sea or rail, Sweden and Malmö offer an excellent infrastructure to meet your needs. Air, sea and land communications, both domestic and international, are well developed.

  • There are international highways, E 4, E 6 and E 20 to Gothenburg, Stockholm and further north as well as south towards the continent. Travemünde in Northern Germany can be reached by ferry from Malmö. Three daily sailings with a crossing time of only nine hours ensure the kind of efficiency required for professional cargo as well as passenger transport. X2000 high-speed trains carry passengers between Malmö and Stockholm in 4.5 hours, with many departures every day in each direction.
  • A number of infrastructure initiatives are ongoing in the region. The city tunnel through Malmö opened in December 2010, and means more traffic crossing the strait and also shorter journey times from many locations in Skåne to the new Triangeln and Hyllie stations in the central districts of Malmö, as well as throughout Öresund. The tunnel means that the journey time from Triangeln in Malmö city centre to Copenhagen Airport has been shortened to 16 minutes. Copenhagen’s new metro line is expected to be completed in 2019: an orbital line with 17 stations which will increase accessibility to the city centre.
  • A fixed link is planned between Denmark and Germany over the Fehmarn Belt, which is expected to become operational in 2022. Hamburg’s 4.3 million inhabitants will be connected with the Öresund region’s 3.7 million inhabitants, together creating an expanded region with an estimated population of around 8.4 million.
  • Malmö has access to two airports in just 30 minutes from the centre: Copenhagen Airport, one of Europe’s largest airports with direct flights all over the world, and Malmö Airport. The train from Malmö to Copenhagen/ Kastrup takes around 20 minutes. During rush hour, trains depart every 10 minutes. At other times, trains depart every 20 minutes. Malmö Airport is located 30 km to the east of the city and can be reached by car or airport bus