Trade and Industry

The major industrial sectors are based on research & development supported by private services, retail, construction and property. It is a centre for strong corporate activity, university research and innovative technologies in our key sectors: digital media, clean tech, life sciences, logistics and tourism. Malmö has about 13,000 companies and 28,000 work sites. IKEA, Thule, Duni, Vestas Northern Europe and Aarhus Karlshamn are all examples of companies with headquarters in Malmö.

  • Malmö boasts a thriving economy coupled with strong growth. The city has made a fascinating journey from an industrial city to a city of knowledge, and its trade and industry is largely composed of small and medium-sized companies.
  • Malmö has strengthened its role as the centre of Skåne and of Southern Sweden. The region is a centre for companies working in ICT, food, science and logistics. The area is also known as Medicon Valley, one of the world’s leading clusters for biotechnology, with more than 41,000 employees and 5,000 clinical researchers.
  • Almost 30 companies have moved their headquarters to Malmö over the last seven years, generating around 2,300 jobs. Among the companies that have headquarters or research centres in or near Malmö are Duni, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, Stralfors, Vestas, Epsilon, Peugeot, Findus, Perstorp, Oriflame, Sony Ericsson, Zhonghuang Hi-Tech, Tetra Pak, Thule and Acadia.
  • The largest number of jobs was added to business services, which has accounted for approximately 30 % of the total increase since 2002. Other industries showing a large increase are healthcare and social services, commerce and the construction industry.
  • 6% of Malmö’s workplaces were foreign-owned (excl. the public sector) and 33% of those employed in the city work in a foreign-owned company (excl. the public sector).
  • Malmö’s gross regional product (GRP) amounted to SEK 123,356 million in 2011 (+55% in ten years). Service production has shown the largest increase. GRP per capita was SEK 410,000.
  • Total disposable income in Malmö was SEK 47,238 million (+53% in ten years). Disposable income per capita was SEK 157,000.
  • A workforce of 154,796 was employed in Malmö in 2013. The size of the workforce employed has increased by 21% in 10 years.