FAQ – Malmö Industrial Park

1. What are the incentives for a foreign investor in terms of tax?

Swedish corporation tax is relatively low and is dealt with at state level. Cities and regions can consequently not offer individual companies tax relief or other types of tax benefits in connection with new business start-ups, however, they can negotiate on conditions in relation to prices or rental levels for land for development sites and basic infrastructure.

2. What are the prices?

Industrial sites in Malmö Industrial Park are offered at market prices which – in an international perspective – are competitive. The starting point is that all tenants are offered secure, long-term lease agreements which initially extend over 25 years. Companies are also offered the opportunity to acquire industrial sites in Malmö Industrial Park.

3. Who is the counterpart?

The client company’s counterpart is the Malmö City Council. The Real Estate Office is the city’s legal landlord, which administers land and is responsible for the city’s development.

4. When can contracts be signed?

Contracts pertaining to industrial sites in Malmö Industrial Park can be signed. Access and start of construction works is offered during the end of 2015 at the earliest. The back-ground is that the local zoning plan will become legally valid at the turn of the year 2014/2015. Land preparation in the area will take place in parallel. The development of basic infrastructure will commence during 2015.

5. How is cargo transported from China to Malmo?

CMP container terminals are part of the worldwide trade network. Cargo is moved using containers and a highly sophisticated network makes sure that container ports are linked together. This enables efficient, reliable and safe transport from every corner of the world to CMP. COSCO, China Shipping, OOCL as well as all other container lines, bring their shipments to our container terminals.

6. What are the sea and road schedules/connections from Malmo to different ports?


7. What are the storage prices at CMP?

CMP’s  storage prices are competitive in an international context and we are able to negotiate directly with our customers with regard to volumes, special requirements etc.

8. What happens when the container arrive at CMP?

CMP has a long record of handling containers competitively. Operations are fast and performed with a track history of minimal damage to goods. Containers arrive via the worldwide container transport system and are stored free of charge at the terminal for 10 days until picked up by the customer.

9. Is Malmo a deep sea port?

CMP’s deep sea port handles RoRo – PCTC ships – and feeder ships with containers that are connected to deep sea vessels.

10. What role does CMP play in the international container and cargo transport system?

CMP is part of this fast and reliable mode of transport. CMP is one of the leading and most efficient feeder ports in Northern Europe in the container business. In the automotive sector, CMP is the major hub for new cars in Northern Europe, with frequent and regular overseas shipments, feeder traffic and train transport.