Future Development

It is expected that the Malmö Industrial Park will be fully developed by the mid 2020s. The area will then comprise nearly 900,000 square metres and be home to many strong and well-known businesses that have made Malmö the hub for their operations in Northern Europe.

  • As the new establishments increase, so will capacity at the port, with various ferry terminals, docks, berths and a number of new track networks for combined transport by rail. When Norra Hamnen came into operation in 2011, the freight capacity within CMP was increased fivefold. In time this capacity may be still further significantly increased, as port operations expand to new areas of land around Norra Hamnen.
  • The rest of the area’s infrastructure will also be enhanced and developed to optimise flow of freight and transport between different terminals and port facilities. This means new roads, bridges and thoroughfares will be built, to streamline freight handling by ship, truck and rail from businesses in the Malmö Industrial Park.