Industrial sites

  • The sizes of industrial sites in the Malmö Industrial Park vary, starting at around 20,000 square metres. The division of sites is flexible and there is large scope for adaptations based on the needs of each business. Similarly, there are good opportunities for meeting the requirements of businesses that need extra large sites or have other preferences.
  • When the land is sold or leased to a new company, there is already basic infrastructure in place in the area, including roads, street lighting, water and drainage, district heating and electricity, telecommunications and broadband networks. All cables and networks are routed to the site boundary. Every business is responsible for the costs of connection/installation of district heating, water, drainage, electricity etc. from the site boundary.

Sold or leased with site leasehold

  • All land in the Malmö Industrial Park is to be sold or leased on a site leasehold. This form of lease is almost comparable to ownership. A leaseholder is entitled to use and build property on similar terms to ownership. Ownership of the land is retained by the lessor, the City of Malmö, but the owner of the site leasehold owns the buildings on the site.
  • The site leasehold is granted for a long period; for 25 years in the Malmö Northern Harbour Industrial Park. It is then extended for 20 years at a time. The City of Malmö can choose to give notice to terminate the site leasehold in connection with an extension. The leaseholder cannot give notice to terminate the contract but can freely transfer the leasehold, pledge it or rent it out.
  • The site leasehold is adjusted every ten years and established on the basis of the site’s land value, among other things. When the fees are adjusted, the City of Malmö makes a valuation of the land in each separate case.
  • For all sites in the area there will also be regular costs for heating, water, electricity and waste management. From an international perspective, Sweden has relatively low water and energy prices.