Available land

From 20,000 square metres and above

The business establishments comprise an area of 750,000 square metres, each site can be tailored to specific needs – from 20,000 square metres and above. Basic infrastructure such as roads, street lighting, water and drainage, district heating and electricity, telecommunications and broadband networks is already in place. All cables and networks are routed to the site boundary.

Buy or lease

All land is to be sold or leased on a site leasehold. This form of lease is comparable to ownership. A leaseholder is entitled to use and build property on similar terms to ownership. Ownership of the land is retained by the lessor, the City of Malmö, the owner of the site leasehold owns the buildings on the site. The site leasehold is granted for 25 years, then extended for 20 years at a time. The site leasehold is adjusted every ten years.