Energy and industrial symbiosis

The ideal place for industrial symbiosis

Appointed sustainability location of the year in 2020, Malmö’s port area is the ideal place for industrial symbiosis. The park is located in the heart of the city’s energy production and waste management and has a well-developed infrastructure for electricity, heat, gas and wastewater treatment.

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The port area handles large flows of material and products – transported by sea or land – and there are companies that sort, treat and store most waste fractions in the port area.

The City of Malmö and companies in the region have developed a platform for the work on industrial symbiosis with a method for business development in the area, for example in the areas of energy, waste and logistics.

200 GWh of district heating

In a pilot project wastewater is used to generate district heating from a previously unused flow in the port area. Through this symbiosis, approximately 200 GWh of district heating can be generated each year. This corresponds to six percent of Malmö’s district heating needs. The project includes the energy company E.on and the regional water and waste water organization VA Syd. In the next step, we encourage more companies to join our symbiosis projects.