Malmö port is sustainability location of the year

The list of the 25 best logistics locations in Sweden for 2020 was announced in February at Intelligent Logistik’s day long conference, Logistikläget 2020. Malmö received the sustainability location of the year” award for its initiatives in shipping and rail through its establishment requirements for land in Norra Hamnen (Northern Harbour).

Intelligent logistics has presented five different diplomas to the locations that have excelled in 2020. Besides Gothenburg, which took first place and thus received the diploma for “Best logistics location of the year”, the Helsingborg region was awarded a diploma for “Growth location of the year”. Malmö received a diploma for “Sustainability location of the year” for its initiatives in shipping through its requirements for establishments on land in Norra Hamnen.

The awards were announced in Stockholm as far back as 7 February, with Malmö’s diploma finally getting to us yesterday. The diploma was received by the City of Malmö’s project manager Olle Anderberg during a seminar at Copenhagen Malmö Port on sustainable urban development in the port of Malmö.

Johan Ullenby, COO, Copenhagen Malmö Port, Ann-Charlotte Halldén-Åkeson, Key Account Manager, Copenhagen Malmö Port, Olle Anderberg, project manager, City of Malmö, Lars Brinte, port administrator, City of Malmö.

“It is a great honour to receive this diploma”, says Olle Anderberg, project manager in the department of urban development for the Malmö Industrial Park area in Norra Hamnen. “There are a large number of people and organisations behind this award. The global challenges we are facing demand that we work together to ensure that the port has the right functions and conditions for the sustainable transition.”

”City of Malmö’s requirements that establishments on the land in Norra Hamnen must be used for operations involving freight shipped by sea and rail represent a clear position in the move towards more sustainable logistics arrangements. The initiative has borne fruit through Belgian Real Estate’s establishment of 42,000 sqm, which can contribute to a more in-depth collaboration with the major Belgian ports and benefit both the region and the port. The location has also enjoyed record growth with 90,000 sqm of additional logistics space during 2020.”

A sustainable port – Agenda 2030

Ports in Europe have different strategies for their sustainability work. It can involve energy efficiencies and companies jointly utilising each other’s resources. However, it can also entail social sustainability measures in the form of trainee places and preserving historic parts of the port with cultural values.

Together with Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and a number of other world cities, Malmö has chosen to continue to collaborate in taking a leading role in Agenda 2030. Sustainability management will therefore be an important guiding principle in the work to develop the port in Malmö.


Intelligent Logistik – Sweden’s best logistics locations

Intelligent Logistik has listed Sweden’s best logistics locations every year since 2005 as guidance for businesses that want to establish a central warehouse in Sweden. Over the years the list has grown from 15 to 25 locations, criteria have been added and refined in order to follow the trends that influence where warehouses are sited. The list combines hard criteria such as infrastructure, freight flows, access to land and logistics stock, as well as establishments with softer values such as access to logistics expertise and the climate for collaboration in the region, in order to take the temperature of logistics in Sweden over time.

Norra Hamnen– Malmö Industrial Park

Malmö Industrial Park is an expansive industrial area at the heart of the Öresund region, the Nordic region’s largest regional job market and most densely populated metropolitan area. It offers centrally located industrial land to actors within manufacturing, processing and distribution. The land is located in direct connection to Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), where the trimodal logistics solutions – rail, road and sea – are effectively linked together. The City of Malmö is working to ensure sustainable port and industrial operations and collaborates with the actors in the port area to find smart solutions within recycling, logistics and energy, so-called industrial symbiosis. Companies that establish themselves in the area must contribute to increased employment, strengthen the port’s operations and increase the amount of freight shipped.

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