A boost for cargo and the environment – Norra hamnen

The City of Malmö and Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) are investing heavily in developing and underpinning one of Scandinavia’s best logistics locations. An ultra-modern logistics hub is currently under construction in Norra Hamnen (North Harbour) with plenty of space for efficient cargo handling and new businesses.

“The extension of Norra Hamnen opens up completely new opportunities for creating efficient, sustainable logistics solutions for transportation by ship, truck, train and aircraft,” says Johan Röstin, MD at Copenhagen Malmö Port, the port company jointly owned by the two cities.

CMP runs the harbour operation on both sides of Öresund. In recent years the company, together with the city of Malmö and Copenhagen municipality, have invested heavily on both sides of Öresund – and through initiatives and collaborations they have succeeded in keeping volumes high even as the recession bit deep in Europe.
Total cargo turnover for the company increased by three per cent in 2012 in a shrinking market. The increase in cargo in Malmö was no less than eight per cent and automotive imports increased by nine per cent to a total of 457,000 vehicles and 15 different marques. This means that an ever-larger number of new vehicles delivered to northern Europe are shipped via Malmö.

“These are fabulous figures in the middle of a recession and it shows the track we chose – several different business areas that complement each other, and with operations on both sides of the sound – provides important competitive advantages,” says Johan Röstin.

Major Investment in Norra Hamnen
The City of Malmö and CMP’s multibillion investment in transferring major parts of Malmö’s port operations to Norra Hamnen makes further streamlining of cargo handling possible.
“It’s closer for our road and rail transport since we have direct access to the road and rail networks without having to pass through central Malmö. We’ve also built up ultramodern facilities where our customers can quickly and easily take care of distribution and logistics without unnecessary waiting times.”
“This adds up to thousands of trucks not having to take the long route through central Malmö, which improves both traffic flow and the city environment.”

Room for New Business
The extension of Norra Hamnen also involves the creation of new operational areas in and adjacent to both the north and central harbours. A special business park totalling almost 650,000 sq m will be built in Norra Hamnen for companies in the manufacturing and transport industries.

“There is a great deal of interest shown in setting up business here,” says Johan Röstin. “More and more people have noticed our advantageous location at the gateway to the Baltic and the links with Sweden and the continent. The investments we’ve made here in creating multimodal transport solutions are world class.”