CMP’s North harbour wins logistics award

CMP’s North harbour has recently been crowned the winner of the ‘Future Transport Award’, receiving the accolade, according to the panel of judges statement of reasons, because CMP is “one of the best ambassadors for the intermodal concept in Sweden”.


The Future Transport Award was presented at the Elmia Nordic Rail, Future Transport and Nordic Road trade fair in mid-October. Johan Ullenby, Managing Director of CMP Norra Hamnen AB, is understandably proud of his company’s award:

“It’s great for us to win an award that recognises the transport solutions of the future. It tells us that CMP is thinking along the right lines, but also shows our customers that we are forward-looking,” he says.

CMP’s award came in a category known as ‘Intermodal Goods’ – i.e. recognising when all types of transportation, namely trains, vessels and trucks, are incorporated into the logistics solutions offered in Malmö. The panel of judges also highlighted the fact that the City Tunnel and North harbour were linked up in a smart way, which was done by using earth excavated from the City Tunnel to build up the area of land that is now the location of the Northern harbour.

“In their reasons for giving us the award, the panel of judges also joked a little bit about the word we use to label CMP’s comprehensive logistics solutions. We use the term ‘trimodality’, you see, whereas ‘intermodality’ or ‘multimodality’ tend to be used by most other organisations. In other words, we have coined our own term, which is putting CMP on the map, and that feels good,” says Johan Ullenby.

“And we really do have a fit-for-purpose plant and a competitive logistical location here in Malmö,” he concludes. “This is particularly the case when you take Malmö Industrial Park into account, which offers centrally located industrial areas with a direct connection to the port, railway and motorway network.”

The Future Transport Award is a joint project set up by the Elmia Future Transport, Elmia Nordic Rail and Elmia Nordic Road trade fairs in collaboration with the TRAFIKFORUM and Transport & Logistik iDag trade publications.