Construction start for Skanska’s ”Kubiklager”

The time has arrived for construction to commence in Malmö Industrial Park. First out is the international construction company Skanska, which is establishing a new type of logistics property. The concept is called Kubiklager and it gives customers a high degree of flexibility – both in relation to area and contract period.

Skanska was one of the first company’s to reserve land in Malmö Industrial Park. Now the company is also first to erect a logistics property in the area. The concept is simply called “Kubiklager”.

”Kubiklager offers the market a modern logistics concept. It matches the needs of goods owners, companies within third party logistics and many other types of customers”, reports Johan Hedve, business developer within Skanska.

Kubiklager is a flexible and adaptable concept where customers lease a space that can be easily adapted to their needs. It is aimed at customers that need access to new, modern storage spaces with short lead times. What is unique is that the customers lease the space they actually need – neither more nor less – for a contract period starting from three years.

Flexibility is central

The Kubiklager is 19,000 square metres in size, has a 12 metre ceiling height and lots of doors. What makes the concept unique is above all the flexibility. The premises can be divided up every seven metres. This means that the customers always obtain an area with good geometry and select the size which suits them best – from 2,500 square metres upwards. The property complies with all climate and security requirements and has a mezzanine floor adapted for storage or office premises.

”The flexibility also applies to our contracts”, Johan Hedve emphasises. “We offer tenancies from three years, which is considerably shorter than what is normally the case for newly built premises. This is practical for, for example, a third party logistics company which might have a commission for a limited period, or companies which want to reduce the risk for other reasons, but have access to a modern premises with good logistics.

Skanska has already built one Kubiklager in Göteborg and plans to have a number of further facilities in place throughout Sweden in the next few years. The warehouse in Malmö will be opened in summer 2017.

Strategic location

It is no accident that Skanska is building its Kubiklager in Malmö Industrial Park. Johan Hedve emphasises that the port is the gateway to Sweden and other markets. Another prerequisite is CMP’s initiatives to expand the port- and logistics operation – initiatives where Skanska would like to contribute to increased employment and stronger regional development.

”We obviously locate ourselves where our customers want to be, and we perceive opportunities in Malmö Industrial Park. For example, there is a combi-terminal here, where rail freight can be loaded and unloaded in direct connection to our logistics property”, he says.

”The trimodal logistics solutions are generally well-developed, which makes it simple to move freight between lorry, boat and train. Furthermore, it is close to the air freight at Kastrup”, Johan Hedve concludes.