Quality award for Copenhagen Malmö Port – for the third year in succession

CMP’s car handling operation has been rewarded once again for its quality. It is the third year in succession that the Japanese shipping company NYK Line has given its Quality Award to the car handling operation in Malmö. The background is that CMP has had zero damages in its handling during 2013/2014. This puts it in pole position among Europe’s car ports.

The Quality Award was presented at the annual seminar which the Japanese shipping company NYK Line arranges. After an enquiry from NYK Line, this year’s seminar was held in Malmö on 11 September. Some twenty car ports in Europe participated in the event, which ended with CMP receiving the award for the third year in succession.

”It is absolutely fantastic that we have once again been highlighted for our quality work. It confirms that we rank top in Europe and that the focus on constant improvements is delivering results”, says Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP. One explanation for this is our internal improvement tool, M/S Progress, which enables us to set targets and implement improvements effectively.

Less damage produces more freight
NYK Line has one of the world’s largest fleet of car carriers. CMP is alone in having received the shipping company’s Quality Award for three years in succession. The requirements include the port having zero damages in its car handling and also meeting the strict quality requirements in other respects.

”The award is an acknowledgement that we are moving in the right direction and that we know what we are doing, in other words, that our damage-prevention work is fully functional. And as less damage produces more freight, the quality work is contributing to even more car customers choosing Malmö”, observes Björn Larsson, Terminal Manager with responsibility for CMP’s car handling operation.

”No new initiatives lie behind this year’s award, rather we have continued to refine various operations and processes”, he continues. All staff are obliged to participate in this work, and this really is the case with us. We have a specific team which coordinates ideas and suggestions for improvements.

“We are noting that CMP’s quality work is having an impression in the industry in general as well”, Johan Röstin rounds off. “From time to time we get to hear that car ports in Europe are encouraged to try and maintain as high a level of quality as in Malmö – that makes us proud!”