Malmö attracting risk capital – record in investments

Investments in Swedish tech companies are continuing to increase. And Malmö is one of the regions that has attracted most risk capital in 2016.

During the first three quarters of 2016, SEK 12.3 billion were invested in the Swedish tech market. According to a report from Nordic Tech List, this is more than during all of last year. The bulk of the investments are going to tech companies in Stockholm, but the Malmö region is in clear second place. This year, 35 companies in the region have received 11 per cent of the investments, about SEK 445 million. This is as much as in the rest of Sweden outside Stockholm.

Successful companies

The companies with the largest financing in the Malmö region are the map company Mapillary, the sensor company Aconeer and the e-health company Min Doktor with over SEK 50 million each. According to Nordic Tech List, there are several reasons that international investors are attracted by the Swedish tech market. The companies have a relatively low value and are linked to a low level of risk. At the same time, many Swedish tech companies – Spotify, Klarna and iZettle for example – have achieved world-class, which is another factor that is attracting investors to this market.