The Öresund Region is at the heart of Northern Europe, with a central location in Scandinavia and the Nordic Region. The infrastructure is well-developed, with good air and rail connections. In addition, the region enjoys close proximity to the Baltic States and the markets of Northern Germany and Poland.

  • Copenhagen Airport, the largest international airport in Northern Europe, makes the Öresund Region a truly international hub, providing 125 direct connections to destinations all over the world. The airport can be reached from Copenhagen and Malmö city centres in around 15 minutes.
  • CMP (Copenhagen Malmö Port) is a full service port and one of the largest port and terminal operators in the Nordic Region. CMP provides access to an infrastructure in both Malmö and Copenhagen that ensures goods are processed quickly and safely. The company meets demands for the transport of consumer goods, new cars, aviation fuel, building materials, passengers, etc.
  • The international gateways for freight transport by sea to and from the Öresund region are via large international harbours such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. These harbours are hubs for “feeder lines”, branching out to and from the region. The roads to the harbours for trucks are good in the region. The commercial harbours are reached within one hour’s drive from anywhere in the Öresund region.
  • An analysis of transit traffic through the Öresund region has shown that there is potential for expanding the role of the region as a centre for intelligent logistics, where products are further processed and the pure transit flows can be transformed to a more regional concept of valuable logistics.