Skanska making its investment in Norra Hamnen a reality

Skanska is purchasing land in the emerging Malmö Industrial Park, Norra Hamnen, to erect a “Kubiklager”, a large warehouse space of 17 000 m² BTA on a site of approx. 34,000 m² for a price of SEK 28.9 million.

The land purchase represents the start for development of new businesses in Norra Hamnen which will contribute to strengthening the region’s attractiveness and growth, and will generate new jobs.

Malmö Industrial Park has a unique location, directly adjacent to the port and CMP (Copenhagen Malmö Port), a full-service port handling all types of ships and freight.

Norra Hamnen and Malmö Industrial Park is a landfill site providing areas for businesses focusing on trimodal transportation and processing, and a clear connection to the port.

“The development of Malmö Industrial Park is taking place in close collaboration with CMP, and the companies that establish themselves in the area will contribute to strengthening the port’s operations and contribute to increasing the volume of freight through the quays”, says Milan Obradovic, chair of Malmö City Council’s Technical Services Committee.

Skanska’s Kubiklager in Malmö will be built at the heart of the region’s new logistics centre, Malmö Industrial Park. The area is being developed to meet future opportunities and act as a hub in the Öresund region.

“Norra Hamnen Kubiklager will offer the market efficient logistics premises under modern and flexible terms in the best location, directly adjacent to the port area and the rail network. Malmö City is investing heavily in the infrastructure, which will further increase accessibility to road, rail and sea transports”, says Henrik Ahnström, business area manager at Skanska.


Facts about Malmö Industrial Park

  • The Industrial Park is being developed in several stages. The first is in the southern part of the area. The construction work has commenced.
  • The final stage of the Industrial Park will be completed in about ten years. Of the approximately 900,000 square metre park, about 750,000 square metres will be developed.