Streets, electricity and district heating now in place

The street system is in place in Malmö Industrial Park. Electricity and district heating have also been installed in the area. At the same time, the infrastructure, work including a direct link from surrounding motorways, is proceeding.

There has been a high tempo in the industrial park so far this year. The three kilometres long street system is on place. At the same time, electricity, district heating and fibre cable have now been installed in the area. Companies that have reserved sites can therefore start their establishments. First to do this is the construction and property company Skanska, which started work on its logistics property in the summer.

“Later in the autumn we will also be planting trees and laying grass areas in the south-eastern parts of the industrial park”, reports Lars Brinte, project manager at the Real Estate Office in Malmö City Council.

Ground works proceeding

Ground works are proceeding in other parts of the area. They are based on a technique called Landpac, which means that a roller compacts the ground piece by piece.

”About 200,000 square metres are being compacted in order to ensure the bearing capacity and minimise the risk of subsidence”, Lars Brinte says. During 2017 we will be proceeding with the next stages of these ground works.

Direct link to the motorway During 2017

During 2017 the landfill work will also start just east of the industrial park. It is a prerequisite to enable the planned expansion of rail services, including the construction of siding for the trains. In turn it will enable an increase in capacity at the combi-terminal in Northern Harbour.

”A new road is also being constructed in this part of the area. It will give us a direct link between the industrial park and the motorway system around Malmö”, Lars Brinte says. The road will be completed in 2020.

Preparations are also under way for the final stage in the area. Here it involves land reclamation, with approximately 250,000 additional square metres of land being created through landfill of what was previously sea. It will be possible to utilise the new areas in about ten years time, and a wind farm will also be sited in this part of Malmö Industrial Park.